Meng Yangyang

Meng Yangyang

“To break the limits of minds and consciousness, Meng Yangyang uses extremely direct and simple expression mingled with her subconsciousness.” Zhong Biao

“The paintings of Meng Yangyang represent her earthly arguments closely to her age and personal emotions, without letting the frustration created by the consumption society disturbing her inspiration. However, her paintings are still full her naivety, absurdness, sensitiveness and even sophistication provoking an inner indomitable uproar to the spectator. Meng Yangyang acts like a self-hypnosis in the adult world. ” Zheng Naiming

“I’m the director of my own works, like Karwai Wong, drafting the story, selecting the actors and then writing the script and polishing the details, not the other way around.”—Self statement

Meng Yangyang was born in 1983 and graduated from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and received a master degree. In 2006, her work was outstanding in the China Asian Art Weel in Lodon. The works of Meng Yangyang was strongly admired by galleries in London and people from the Palm Beach International Design Expo. She is one of the first Chinese artists, whose artwork is not influenced by President Mao’s Totalitarianism, and yet, these young artists are emerging in a country that is rapidly growing and changing. Western culture has influenced the character of Meng Yangyang and the young artists like her; their artwork reflects how china is turning into a brand new and well developed country. However, the insecurity extended from this changing country is the reason why that young people are trying to find themselves in the fantasy world.

In Meng Yangyang’s work, the hands and the eyes of the figure are often exaggerated; the intention is to convey that strong thirst to communicate with the world. The message in her work reflects her own situation in the art market where she gets pressure from, and seeing artists at her age facing the early profit collide between interpersonal relationships. Delicately depict the wild origin that was hidden in her heart.

Born in Chongqing, China
Bachelor Degree in Oil Painting from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing, China
Award of Luo Zhongli Scholarship, Chongqing, Beijing, China
Graduated with Masters degree

CIGE Art Fair, Beijing, China
Mixed Motivity, Emerging Artists, Osage Gallery, Shanghai, China
Telling Stories, Mizuama & One Gallery, Beijing, China
Devouring Radiance, Double Solo Exhibition, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing, China
Beyond Portrait, Gallery J. Chen, Taipei, Taiwan
Images of Fantasy, Olyvia Oriental Ltd., London, England
Palm Beach International Design Fair, Palm Beach, USA
Scrabble Painting works Exhibition, Chongqing, China
Scouting Around the Streets of Eleven Artists Exhibition, Chongqing, China
Art London, London, England
Asian Art in London, London, England
Young Artists Exhibition of the 2nd term Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu, China
99-04 Selected Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Fine Art, Chongqing, China